HIGH SEASON     $8,500

Dec 16 - Jan 1
Feb 1 - Mar 31


MID SEASON       $7,700

Jan 2 - Jan 31
Apr 1 - Apr 30


LOW SEASON     $6,800

May 1 - Jul 9
Nov 6 - Dec 15


OFF SEASON    $6,000

Jul 10 - Nov 5


We do not require a license or certificate, but we do need you to complete a sailing resume. Download the Sailing Resume We are looking for experience of you having sailed a similar sized vessel to the one you are looking to charter. Of course if you have a certification, do mention it, as it will help.  If our insurance company feels your resume is weak, you will need to take a checkout captain for your first day to assess your skills.


We can organize a captain for you, whether you would like one just for the first day to brush up on your skills or for the whole week so you can put your feet up and relax. We can even hire an instructional captain for you, who can teach you and share his knowledge.

Costs are as follows:

Day Checkout Skipper $175

Regular Captain $175 per night

Instructional $200 per night

You must also provide any meals for your captain and at the end if you are happy it is customary to tip.


To Book a Charter, email BVI Yacht Charters at charters@bviyc.com

                                                For a discount on your charter, mention the owners name:  The Varley's